What's the andspace?

AndSpace is a new way for organizations to understand the future, and an integrated set of foresight, design and strategy techniques to take advantage of their insights.

A new way to look ahead

Traditional scenario planning starts with a premise that the future has different potential endpoints, characterized by one set of trends “winning out” against other sets of trends. In the past, such an approach highlighted the strategic choices available to companies. Today, however, globalization, social networks, and long tails are allowing driving forces of change to co-exist and compete in the marketplace. In this “andspace” of seemingly conflicting forces, no set of drivers will be dominant for very long. The future will not be about the extremes at the poles, but the muddle in the middle.

Every individual, company, nonprofit, academic institution, and government will be caught between conflicting systems of change, and will be making trade-offs that they see as best for them. Companies that recognize this point of pain for their customers -- the need to make decisions against conflicting forces in their environment -- and develop products, services and experiences that help people and organizations manage them will enjoy long-term success, even as their markets become more turbulent.